Bard Summer Science Intensive

Who We Are

  • Susan H. Gillespie, Founding Director, IILE
  • James Ketterer, Dean of International Studies and Director, Bard Globalization and International Affairs Program
  • Jen Murray, Director, IILE and Bard Abroad
  • Leiah Heckathorn, Assistant Director, Bard Abroad
  • Hannah Barrett, International Program Manager, Berlin programs
  • Quinton Scribner, International Program Coordinator, Russian and Kyrgyz programs
  • Gillian Brundrett, Assistant to the Director and Financial Coordinator
  • Trish Fleming, Study Abroad Adviser
  • Katarina Garcia-Renart, Program in International Education (PIE) Assistant
  • Lauren Cooke, Program Assistant, IILE
  • Thomas Jackson, IILE Fellow

About the Program

The Bard Summer Science Intensive (BSSI) is a four-week intensive course for students from Smolny College in St. Petersburg, Russia, in which participants explore an environmental topic from a scientific perspective in tandem with English instruction to support vocabulary and language development within the interdisciplinary theme. Students who participate in BSSI are not eligible for the Program in International Education (PIE).

The program aims to use the Hudson Valley as a living classroom in which participants learn about ecology, water resource management, and the environmental movement in the United States. Students will engage in hands-on activities such as water sampling, laboratory work, site visits, and stream walks and clean-ups. Experts will give guest lectures on a range of relevant topics (e.g., environmental advocacy, conservation, and sustainable practices in the agricultural and waste management sectors). Instructional field trips will be supplemented with  opportunities to interact with local community members and groups. In addition, students will participate in popular outdoor activities utilizing the extensive park and trail networks throughout the area. A science background is not required. Students should have a clear interest in learning about the natural environment. 

BSSI 2019 Internship Announcement

The Institute for International Liberal Education (IILE) is looking for 1-2 students to serve in a dual capacity as a Bard Summer Science Intensive (BSSI) Peer Mentor and Activities Coordinator, helping facilitate the program and provide educational and logistical support to the program and its participants.

Peer Mentor and Activities Coordinators must be available to begin work on Monday, July 15th in order to help prepare for the start of the program. Students should anticipate working 35 hours per week during July. The BSSI program begins August 1st and ends on August 29th, 2019. Applications should be received no later than Friday, April 12th, 2019. For more details, please see our official announcement here: