IILE Programs

IILE Programs

The Institute for International Liberal Education

IILE Programs


Direct Exchanges

Tuition exchange agreements exist between Bard College and a number of universities abroad.

Tuition exchange programs allow students at partner institutions to “change places,” thus enriching their own experience and that of students and faculty at the partner institution. This arrangement allows students on financial aid to study abroad at a cost that does not exceed that which they normally pay.

Bard students who attend partner universities under the tuition exchange programs pay tuition to Bard, while students from partner institutions who attend Bard pay tuition to their home institution. Bard scholarships apply. Bard students are responsible for paying other costs of participation including airfare and room and board; financial aid, including government grants, is normally sufficient to make this affordable for all students who wish to take advantage of the opportunity.

For more information, please contact Trish Fleming, Study Abroad Adviser, fleming@bard.edu, (845) 758-7080

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