Who We Are

  • Susan H. Gillespie, Founding Director, IILE
  • James Ketterer, Dean of International Studies and Director, Bard Globalization and International Affairs Program
  • Jen Murray, Director, IILE and Bard Abroad
  • Leiah Heckathorn, Assistant Director, Bard Abroad
  • Hannah Barrett, International Program Manager, Berlin programs
  • Quinton Scribner, International Program Coordinator, Russian and Kyrgyz programs
  • Gillian Brundrett, Assistant to the Director and Financial Coordinator
  • Trish Fleming, Study Abroad Adviser
  • Katarina Garcia-Renart, Program in International Education (PIE) Assistant
  • Lauren Cooke, Program Assistant, IILE
  • Thomas Jackson, IILE Fellow

About the Program

Bard's Program in International Education (PIE) was launched twenty-five years ago in the wake of tremendous transformations. Since 1991, PIE has brought over 400 students, representing 37 countries, to Bard for a year or semester of study. The program originally focused on the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, then expanded to include students from Africa, Southeast and Central Asia, and the Middle East.